CTA Scholarships

Have you or a member of your community made a positive impact on public education? Has your involvement (or your colleagues’ involvement) in local politics or human & civil rights made a difference? CTA recognizes educators and members of the community who promote quality public education, and impact their students and community.

Educational scholarship grants offer financial support to CTA members and their dependents throughout the academic year.

Human Rights Awards

CTA Human Rights Awards

These awards honor those whose work has promoted the development of programs for the advancement and protection of human and civil rights and social justice issues within CTA.

  • African American Human Rights Award in honor of Lois Tinson
  • American Indian/Alaska Native Human Rights Award in honor of Jim Clark
  • César Chávez “Sí Se Puede” Human Rights Award
  • Pacific Asian American Human Rights Award
  • Human Rights Award for LGBTQ+ Advocacy in honor of Nancy Bailey
  • Human Rights Award for Women’s Advocacy
  • CTA Peace and Justice Human Rights Award
  • Students with Exceptional Needs Human Rights Award

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