Suspension by Teacher

Teacher’s Right to Suspend EC 48910

A teacher may suspend a pupil from his/her class or class period for any act specified in Education Code § 48900 for the day of the suspension and the day following.

The right of teachers to send students to the office for willful defiance, bullying, and disrupting the classroom environment remains intact.

The suspension must be immediately reported to the principal and the student sent to the principal for further action.

The teacher must also request a parent/teacher conference as soon as possible.

The pupil shall not be returned to the class from which the pupil was suspended during the period of the suspension without the concurrence of the teacher and the principal.

Stand in solidarity and refrain from housing a suspended student from another class. While teachers have a general duty to maintain custody and control over their students, school districts have the legal responsibility to establish and enforce the discipline policy that circumscribes teachers’ supervisory efforts. This means that the principal is responsible for general school administration, including enforcement of the school district’s discipline policy [5 CCR § 5551].

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