Member Safety

Member Safety

What information should teachers have to maintain a safe learning environment?

The teacher will be informed of each student who engaged in, or is reasonably suspected of, acts that are grounds for suspension or expulsion, within the past three years [EC 49079].

Is a school district required to inform teachers of students’ violent, criminal, harassing, or threatening conduct?

Yes, such information shall be provided within five (5) working days from when the information was known. The information provided shall be limited to the previous three (3) school years [EC 49079].

What shall occur whenever any employee is attacked, assaulted, or physically threatened by any pupil?

Whenever any employee of a school district or of the office of a county superintendent of schools is attacked, assaulted, or physically threatened by any pupil, it shall be the duty of the employee, and the duty of any person under whose direction or supervision the employee is employed in the public school system who has knowledge of the incident, to promptly report the incident to the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the county or city in which the incident occurred. Failure to make the report shall be an infraction punishable by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) [EC 44014].

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