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What are preparation times for an elementary teacher?

Elementary preparation periods are weekly at each elementary school site (which includes special education), for grades 1-6 within the following guidelines: [Article IV.G].

Two thirty (30) minute preparation times during the student instructional day for each 1-6 teacher. The regular teacher on preparation time shall not be responsible for or interrupted for purposes of handling student discipline for misconduct occurring during preparation time [Article IV.G.1].

The District will determine when each 1-6 teacher shall have two thirty (30) minute preparation periods and beginning 2016-17, one (1) forty-five (45) minute preparation period each week [Article IV.G.11].

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Preparation Time
Do full day TK/K teachers have prepartion time?

Yes. Full day TK/K teachers shall have the same Preparation Schedule as a full time first grade teacher assigned to the school site [Article IV.O.4].

Do prep providers have prepartion time?

Yes. Prep providers shall have 24 hours of prep time per year scheduled by the District. The prep time shall be scheduled in no less than 30 minute blocks and no more than 1 hour per week. Transitional or natural breaks in a schedule shall not count towards a CLT or prep providers’ prep time [Article IV.G.18].

Do Speech Language Pathologists have prepartion time?

Yes. Speech Language Pathologists will have sixty (60) minutes of preparation time each week. The remaining instructional minutes will be filled with student instruction or assessment. Preparation time may be scheduled on different days of the week and sites [Article IV.H].

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Do 7th-12 grade teachers have prepartion time?

Yes. 7th-12th grade teacher shall have a preparation period equivalent to a student instructional period [Article IV.J-K].

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