How often are teachers evaluated?

Probationary teachers shall be evaluated at least once each school year [Article VIII.C.8].

Permanent teachers who receive a “satisfactory” evaluation shall be evaluated once every two years regardless of assignment, transfer, etc [Article VIII.C.9].

*Evaluation of a permanent certificated employee may be at least every five years based on certain conditions being met [Article VIII.C.10].

What shall be included in an evaluation of an instructional employee?

Instructional employee evaluations shall include evidence of pupils’ progress toward established standards based upon pre and post assessments. The measurement of student progress will be mutually agreed upon by the teacher and evaluator [Article VIII.A.3].

What are the procedures for plan of improvement?

The Plan of Improvement is intended to help the certificated employee by establishing a clear plan for support including coaching, feedback, and a commitment for support, resources, and follow-up by the evaluator. The evaluator shall commit to being clear on support and resources available. In consideration of individual needs, the Plan of Improvement duration shall be determined by the evaluator in consultation with the certificated employee. The plan of improvement shall be a minimum of four (4) weeks in length, and with mutual consent, may be extended as necessary. In no case shall there be a formal observation of the certificated employee before the four (4) weeks have lapsed [Article VIII.D.2].

When should all evaluation forms for all personnel subject to evaluation be transmitted to the evaluatee?

Completed evaluation forms for all personnel subject to evaluation during that year shall be transmitted by the evaluator to the evaluatee not later than thirty (30) days prior to the last day of that evaluation year. The entire evaluation process, including all forms and meetings, shall be completed within the school year in which the evaluation began. The evaluator and evaluatee shall discuss the completed evaluation forms prior to the last school day of the evaluation year. [Article VIII.C.16].

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