MTA Scholarship History

The Jon Walther Scholarship is for students who are pursuing a career in education. One student is selected from each of our high schools. Jon Walther spent most of his career in education teaching English at Downey High School. He also served as President of the Modesto Teachers Association. After his death, MTA named the scholarship they had established in his honor.

The Cecil Curfman Scholarship is awarded to sons and daughters of CTA members who demonstrate academic excellence during their high school career. The top six applicants are awarded the scholarships. Cecil Curfman was a long-time social science teacher at La Loma Junior High School. In recognition of Mr. Curfman’s service to the teaching profession, the Modesto Teachers Association established a scholarship in his honor.

The Frank Vandervort Scholarship is granted to one deserving student whose parent has actively participated in the MTA. Frank Vandervort served as the MTA Executive Director for 15 years, from 1991-2006, after serving as President for 8 years, from 1983-1991. Frank provided valuable leadership to the MTA Negotiations Team and the other committees for many years. Before he was MTA Executive Director, Frank was a math teacher at Davis High School, and when computers first started being taught, he began the first ROP computer programming classes at several MCS high schools; as well, he helped maintain the first computer system for Modesto City Schools and the Modesto Teachers Association. He passed away in June of 2016.

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