MTA Medical Benefits Trust Fund

The purpose of the MTA Medical Benefits Trust Fund (MBTF) is to provide supplemental funds for MTA retirees’ health care premiums from the time of their retirement until they become Medicare eligible.

History: In the 1986-87 collective bargaining agreement lottery revenues were used to fund the MTA Medical Benefits Trust. The purpose is to provide a financial supplement for members to be used toward insurance premiums from the time of retirement until age 65. The goal is to achieve full reimbursement for the lowest cost plan. Auditor’s opinion for the Fiscal 2019-2022 year showed no significant abnormalities. A complete Auditor’s report can be made available to you at the MTA office.

Effective January 1, 2023, eligible retirees receive $575 per month* to supplement their health care premiums until they reach age 65.

  • Retiree must have 15 years (FTE) of full-time employment in Modesto City Schools, with at least the final three years as a member of the MTA bargaining unit.
  • Retiree must be at least 55 years old at the time of retirement.
  • Retiree must have District health coverage at the time of retirement.

When going through the retirement process with Modesto City Schools, eligible retirees will fill out an application for the MTA medical benefits, and the Board will approve all who meet the qualifications.

*Note: Some other conditions may apply

Thinking about retiring?

If so, we highly recommend you meet with a retirement counselor 3-5 years prior to your anticipated retirement date to determine your unique set of retirement benefits. To plan for your retirement journey, consult the following organizations.

Since 1952 retired Stanislaus County educators have joined together to enhance and protect the benefits of retired educators. Division 38 now has over 900 members, encompassing all of Stanislaus County, which is located in the heart of the Central Valley.


We encourage the use of and to take care of many of your information and account needs.


  1. What date should I put down when I retire?
    • Advice: The Association prefers employees indicate their separation date at their last physical work day with MCS. Typically, for most certificated positions, this is the last day of school .
  1. Why should the last last physical work date should be identified as the separation date?
    • Rationale: The benefit information, continuation/cancellation of benefits is based on the actual last day worked for the employees, not their contracted work year .
    • In all STRS cases the retirement date and separation date cannot be the same day. An employee must separate with MCS prior to retiring with STRS/PERS. For example, past employees have indicated their separation date as 6/30/21 due to the information provided to certificated staff regarding the SERP. Unfortunately, many employees are had to revise their separation date because they indicated their retirement date as 6/30/21 as well.
  1. Will I receive notification from MCS payroll?
    • Payroll receives notification from STRS regarding each employee whom elected to retire and their desired retirement date. Payroll staff will notify the employee if their retirement date and separation date are the same and will advise them to change either their separation date or their retirement date.
    • In the event that HR receives a Notice of Separation for a certificated employee and they have indicated a date other than the expected last physical work day, MCS Human Resources generally will reach out to the employee to confirm the date.

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