Contract & MOUs


Educator Voice

Collective bargaining and advocacy ensures that we enhance student learning and improve educator working conditions–benefiting our students, schools, and the community as a whole.

National Education Association.
Student-Centered Advocacy
  • smaller class size
  • less testing
  • increased staffing of nurses and counselors
  • community schools.
Professional Pay

Competitive pay is crucial for attracting and retaining qualified educators for our students, throughout their academic journeys.

Inadequate educator pay comes at a high cost for schools and children, who must deal with the ramifications of high turnover and teacher shortages.

How We Enforce Our Contracts

Disputes over labor law can be settled by filing an “unfair labor practice” charge with PERB. Disputes over sections of a labor contract can be settled by filing grievances against the school district. Our collective power fuels both of these enforcements. Strong local chapters have strong contracts!

Best Practices
  • Keep accurate and on-going records of student discipline.
  • Take and keep notes of all parent and administrator meetings.
  • Be cautious with what you post or share on social media.
  • Request unusual directives by your administrator in writing before complying.