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MTA Committees

The goal of the Modesto Teachers Association is to promote community understanding of educational concerns and needs of children, to offer leadership towards solutions, and to promote united action and cooperation among individuals and organizations devoted to the educational interests of the community, state and nation.

To accomplish this goal, MTA organizes members into committees to advance our interest in the defense of public education. Our mission is made possible by individual members working collectively. Currently, volunteers are needed to make this good work possible.

Are you willing to join an MTA Committee to help realize our common goal?

Board of Directors

MTA Board of Directors (BOD) is a body of thirteen elected members who jointly oversee the activities of Modesto Teachers Association.


The purpose of the Communications Committee is to keep members abreast of current news and actions which impact the rights, salary, and working conditions of MTA members.

This committee articulates Association information to membership and the community through social media and our website.


  • Jennifer James, Chair
  • David Madrigal, Web Designer
  • Lisa Boyd
  • Del Camara


The purpose of the Elections Committee is to ensure the integrity of the MTA electoral process in accordance with CTA guidelines. We utilize the online election program, Simply Voting.


  • Brett Wagner, Chair
  • Kerry Castellani
  • Kevin Quiñones


The Grievance Committee meets with the MCS District monthly to resolve member disputes.

If you believe your rights have been violated, please contact the committee.


  • Mary Fong, Chair
  • Scot Chapman
  • Melicety Deatherage
  • Matt Dykes
  • Robin Rodrigues
  • Suzi Tornberg
  • Kristi White

Equity Team

The Equity Team Committee promotes social justice activities designed to improve the education of all students with a focus on equitable access to public education.


  • Miriam Caro, Chair
  • Jennifer Avila
  • Tabby Burris
  • Elizabeth Guptill
  • Nancy Lopez
  • Mary Mageean Morado
  • Gretel Neumann
  • Rick Pinedo
  • Kathy Presley
  • Kevin Quiñones
  • Tricia Spenker
  • Gladys Williams

Medical Benefits

The Medical Benefits Committee’s responsibility is to maintain and administer the member’s health fund. This fund supplements retiree’s health benefits. Visit our retirement site for more information.


  • Peter Rodgers, Executive Director
  • Chris Peterson
  • Cameron Guinn
  • Mike Doornewaard
  • Jeff Bakker
  • Nicole Inderbitzen
  • Judy Lyons
  • Carrie Patino


The Negotiations Committee represents the membership at the bargaining table. The committee relies on a yearly member questionnaire to keep informed of bargaining issues. Furthermore, the committee develops a contract proposal, bargains for higher salaries, and contractual gains.


  • Mike Doornewaard, Chair
  • Jeff Bakker
  • Courtney Carter
  • Cameron Guinn
  • Jennifer Hayner
  • Nikiya McCoy
  • Jennifer Ollar
  • James Parker
  • Chris Peterson
  • Yaser Herrera


The Organizing Committee meets to build unity, increase member participation, and support the actions and activities of the Association.


  • Kelly Blanc, Chair
  • Suzanne Lemos
  • Katrina Van Walterop
  • Lourie Vinson
  • Bobbie Young

Strategy/Political Action

The Political Action Committee meets to discuss how resources and strategies will be employed in the advancement of MTA’s member interests.


  • Blake Mittan, Chair
  • Kerry Castellani
  • Geraldine Cavalli
  • Ulices Chavez
  • Cameron Guinn
  • Stephanie Guinn
  • Chris Peterson
  • Kevin Quiñones
  • Jahir Salazar
  • Brett Wagner

Public Relations

The purpose of the MTA Public Relations is to enhance public awareness of the Association’s commitment to public education and to provide support for programs that benefit students, members of the Association, and the community.


  • Patrick McLoud, Chair
  • Paty Jurado-Towner
  • Bobby Lawrence
  • Yumi Soares


The Scholarship Committee administers the application process and granting of MTA scholarships.


  • Jennifer McGrath-Ollar, Chair
  • Dewey Wong
  • Jennifer James
  • Patrick McLoud
  • Kelley Blanc
  • Kerry Castellani